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Feathers And Fleece Farm Guide to Crate Training

Crate Training Your New Giant Schnoodle

Recently, a vet friend of mine sent me some great information on crate training to share with my clients.
I decided why store there and have added a page to my website to help as many people
as I can on this topic.

Tips for crate training:
Cover the crate with a towel at night to help prevent crying and to help your puppy relax.
Hollow toys such as Kongs stuffed with peanut butter, cheese or dog food place in the crate is a great way
to keep your puppy occupied for hours.
If your dog has an accident in the crate, it is probably because the crate is either too large or
because your dog was left in the crate for too long.
Always take your puppy outside to potty before placing him in the crate.

Steps to take to crate train your puppy:
1. Select a crate that will be big enough for your dog's adult size.
Place the crate in a permanent location in your house.
If needed, section off the crate so your puppy only has enough room to stand up,
turn around, and lay down.
2. Begin by keeping the door to the crate open and allow your puppy to get comfortable going in and out
of his new crate.
Next, make him stay in it for a few minutes by restraining him with your hand.
Gradually increase the time and once he is comfortable,
close the door and reward him with treats and lots of praise.
This training may take hours to days depending on the breed and temperament of your puppy.
Once he feels secure, he will be able to sit quietly or sleep.
3. Never use the crate as a punishment!
This will undermine your pet's sense of security in their crate.
Time-outs for example are acceptable if playing too rough, but do not scold.
4. Do not leave your pet in their crate all day for the first few months.
Your pet can only be expected to hold their urine for the number of months old they are + 1 hour.
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