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Feathers And Fleece And Hybrid Vigor

Why You Need A Feathers And Fleece

Hybrid Vigor

Have you ever heard the term hybrid vigor?
Well you will now!
More and more people are taking notice of this amazing attribute of dog breeding.
It is not a theory, but a term that describes what happens repeatedly throughout all species
in the animal and plant kingdom.
When unrelated breeds of any animal species are mated, the offspring in the first generation
will be more healthy, fertile, and (in animals) mentally stable than either parent breed.
The first generation, also called F1 by geneticists, will be intermediate in characteristics to the
parents and resemble both parent breeds.
To sum it all up, hybrid vigor is the term used to describe the burst of fertility, good health,
and growth that is seen in the progeny when two unrelated breeds are mated.
The longer these breeds have been separated and the greater difference between them,
the stronger the resulting hybrid vigor will be.
This makes the Newfoundland and Komondor brilliant choices, keeping in mind
that the Komondor breed is one of the oldest living dog breeds.

Let me explain a little further..
I get phone calls at least once a month from folks asking me why I do not mix Newfoundlands
with Great Pyrenees.
In my opinion, that would not result in a change to the breed.
They are far too similar, which would make the ending result close to exactly what you started with.
There would be no improvement to the breed.
The Komondor is non-drooling and has a keen guardian instinct.
Add that to the Newfoundland qualities.
Newfoundlands are droolers.. No more!
Newfoundlands are shedders.. No more!
Newfkoms will be as loving as ever, but with the edge of a guard dog.
Newfkoms will still enjoy the water.
Both breeds are great with children and other animals.
New to the breed is the coat.
It changes and resembles both breeds.
It is vibrant black and white as the newfie, but longer in coat as a Komondor.
Both breeds have long tails that curl over the back so that remains untouched.
Although this breed resembles a huge Old English Sheepdog, it is not and the tail should not be bobbed.
It is not good to mess too much with mother nature.
Besides, the long tail is fun and wags like wildfire when the Newfkom is happy!
It is vital to add that we at Feathers and Fleece Farm only use healthy, tested, and proven adult dogs for breeding.
We have heart, eyes, thyroid, hips, and elbows checked.
We have several vet visits in the process that leave little to chance.
I am aware that there are others out there selling hybrids for less and with little skill in the way of socialization.
You must trust your breeder.
Be careful in choosing a hybrid.
Once you cross into hybrids, there is no AKC paperwork on these puppies.
You must trust the breeder to provide puppies born of pure bred parents.
Without purebred parent stock, you are in foggy territory.
I warn people to be careful and be clear of what you're getting.
We will provide all pedigrees on parent dogs and open up our farm for your visit once your deposit is made.
I have nothing to hide and welcome you to our farm.
Having spent all of this time describing the hybrid vigor of the Newfkom, I have completely neglected
the Sheepadoodle.
Feathers and Fleece also breeds the Sheepadoodle.
The Sheepadoodle is the result in the mating of an Old English Sheepdog and a Standard Poodle.
Again, we start with the best qualities in our parent dogs.
Good health and temperament is vital in this breed.
The results here are an average size dog, about 65-70 pounds, non-shedding, playful, and intelligent.
Poodles are hypoallergenic and are rated in the top five smartest dog breeds.
Tails are bobbed on the Sheepadoodle because both the Poodle and the Old English Sheepdog have that in common.
Old English Sheepdogs are eager to please and love children and other animals.
The mating of these two breeds has thrilled many with a loyal, fun, smart, non-shedding medium-large size breed..
That just so happens to be knock-down, fall on your face cute!