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Why A Giant Schnoodle From Feathers And Fleece

Why you should choose a
Feathers And Fleece
Miniature, Standard or
Giant Schnoodle

A Schnoodle from Feathers & Fleece are cheerful and happy.
They are designer dogs who enjoy life by playing and hanging out with family.
Giant Schnoodles are bred to be companion dogs, which means they make great therapy dogs.
Giant Schnoodles,Standard Schnoodles and Miniature as well as Tiny Schnoodles
 have a love for activity which will definitely keep you off the couch.
Feathers & Fleece ensures that your Schnoodle will bring warmth and happiness into your life.
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Like Schnauzers, the Schnoodle is loyal and protective.
Like Poodles, the Schnoodle is fun-loving, intelligent, and affectionate.
Schnauzers are solid terriers and tend to have a stubborn and independent side, but still extremely loyal.
Poodles are smart, agile, and active with a high-maintenance coat.
When mixed, the hopes are for there to be less of the stubbornness from the Schnauzer and less of the high energy coming from the poodle.
As mentioned earlier,the Schnoodles are highly interested in activity, such as riding in a vehicle, playing fetch, and simply running around.
Another thing that Giant Schnoodles tend to do is run in circles quickly with the hind end tucked up.
This form of play means he's happy.. Not just a weirdo!
Giant Schnoodles have an unusual habit of using their front paws to hold objects, such as toys or blankets.
Also, there is terrier in him, meaning digging will be a great joy for him.
Some may enjoy barking as well.
Schnauzers sometimes find one person in the family that he loves more than others,
 which can carry over to the Schnoodle. 
Of course they still love the entire family, but they may prefer one over others at times.
Now, Feathers & Fleece offers a variety of different sizes in Schnoodles.
In terms of Schnauzers, we have Standard and Giant Schnauzers.
In terms of Poodles, we have Miniature and Standard Poodles.
Here at the farm, we only breed the Standard and Giant Schnauzers with Standard Poodles.
With this being said, there is no breed standard for Schnoodles.
However, size may play a big role in their personality traits.
Standard Schnauzers can be a handful, but Giant Schnauzers are more dominant, meaning he will need a firm hand.
A large Schnoodle would have a softer temperament when compared to a Giant Schnauzer.
If you are interested in a large Schnoodle, keep the Giant Schnauzer temperament in mind before making your final decision.
Although they make great companions, it is important to understand these differences
before deciding which size Schnoodle is best suited for your home.
The Schnoodle should have plenty of exercise throughout the day, at least 30-60 minutes.
Both breeds (Schnauzer and Poodle) are highly intelligent, so this hybrid requires daily mental simulation.
The lack of these two things can cause behavioral issues, such as chewing, and can be difficult to manage.
Schnoodles love the people in their life and thrive when their with them.
A small Schnoodle can do well in an apartment; whereas, a larger Schnoodle does better in homes and fenced-in areas.
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